Building SKYNET for Dulce De Leche machine 🙂

What is Dulce De Leche? For details :
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Preparation of Dulce De Leche takes 6-8 hours. During this period boiling point of DDL and caramelization is important. With the help of SKYNET these processes are controlled automatically.

Assos Nar Konakta Üretilen DDL

Dulce De Leche produced in Assos Nar Konak

Used Equipment : 
8X8 Matrix Display : I used these displays for following the production phase. One of the displays shows the phase, the other one shows the time.

8X8 Matrix Display

8X8 Matrix Display

Arduino UNO : Main Controller. 2 external interrupts are used for PAUSE and RUN modes. Also a Sensor Shield is used.

Arduino Uno

Arduino Uno

MZ80 Optical Sensor : Foam appears when the milk reaches boiling temperature. In normal operation temperature sensor is detecting the boiling point ( 97 C). In case there is an error with temperature sensor, optical sensor detects foams and stops operation.


MZ80 – Optical Sensor

Relay Module : Following 5V relay card controls the motor. Operation Voltage (5V) creates an advantage and this card can be controlled directly from Arduino.


Relay Module

Temperature Sensor : DS18B20 digital temperature sensor is used. This sensor can be used directly in liquids. Measurements are too sensitive ( XX,YY). Refreshment time is too short, this is something positive.tepki süresi çok kısa.  This sensor is used for detecting the boiling temperature of milk.

Temperature Sensor DS18B20

Temperature Sensor

Project Started with one 8X8 Matrix Display.
When optical sensor detects foam motor stops and displays shows stop phase.
Simulation :

Second test after adding second display to the project.
Motor RUNs after LS ( Long Stop) phase is completed. Below A phase 1st second is being simulated.

First Test on site. SKYNET Connection to machine and main function tests:

First Production Test :